Tweet Your Heart Out… unless you’re a celebrity.

Celebrities and talent attached to companies such as Dream Works and Disney have recently been slammed with a “Fail Whale,” not from Twitter, but from their companies, which have asked them to sign contracts promising not to tweet (aka post) things that could tarnish their image. Twitter is an online micro-blogging social networking site which has come to fame due largely to many celebrities who are active users–including people like Oprah, Ashton Kutcher, John Mayer, and many others. While some companies are limiting what their talent talked about on Twitter, other companies, such as ABC, ask their talent to tweet regularly in order to generate “buzz” for their projects (source: CeBIT )

What do you think of Twitter? Do you think companies should be able to control what their employees tweet about? Have social networking sites changed the way we socialize? If so, how?

Why Miley Cyrus doesn’t tweet anymore:

One Response to Tweet Your Heart Out… unless you’re a celebrity.

  1. Juliana says:

    Hey, so i dont know about you, but i used to work at this place called Rampage, and they wouldn’t let us post anything on myspace that could compromise the company, even if it was “i had a crappy day at work.” i can totally see why the big companies would try to censor what celebrities say on twitter, just like they wouldnt want someone to go crazy in public they dont want someone to say something stupid online. I dont necessarily agree with it, i don’t even know why america cares so much what celebrities do… but oh well. its life right?

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