my post about not posting and other random things.

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, I have a draft of my undergraduate honors thesis due today, and…. well, it’s kind of absorbed all my time as of late. Plus it was Halloween. Not that I’m making excuses, well, actually, yes I am making excuses, that’s actually exactly what I’m doing…. So… here goes. It’s going to be random, and you aren’t going to have to read much, kind of like a Mitchell Davis Video.

I thought this picture was interesting because I have frequently heard about how gendered the Disney princesses are, but I have not as frequently heard about the over-the-top stereotypes embedded in the Disney princes. Aside from Aladdin, who is the only lead character of the group, I feel as if any one of these princes could replace each other. What do you think? How are they stereotyped? How do these images affect children? Are more recent children’s heroes any better?   (image found via Heartless Doll)

Yes, this picture is what you think it is. Someone has created kink-wear for toddlers. It’s disturbing and it’s weird. In my discussion of it, I want to do little more than to quote Andrea Grimes and proclaim “I quit life.” The story originally came from Carnal San Francisco, who speculated that it may not ever be for sale, but simply be an artistic piece, the question they posted was “have we reached the edge of edgy?” and he concluded with this, “I am going to pose this question to test your true lefty liberal backbone: If a parent dresses a toddler in fetish wear, is it consensual? Discuss.”

And this last video is a Russian child, I think he is 5 years old, who is very strong. He weight trains. What do you think? Do you think this is unhealthy? What does this say about our cultures fascination with athleticism?

That’s it for now. I hope you enjoy, please discuss any of the articles below if you so chose, or not, but–at least think about them. How do these images affect us? How do we socialize children? Why is the socialization of children important? Why does is matter? Does it matter?

One Response to my post about not posting and other random things.

  1. steve says:

    Disney princes: I think the cultural message these characters pass along to the children, perhaps intentionally, is that the richest guy in town and the best-looking girl in town deserve each other; looks are a woman’s currency to buy a man’s money, and vice versa.

    Doll: speaks for itself.

    Muscle kid: that is, wow, out there. Anytime you have a child that young doing something to that extreme, surely it must be an expression of the parent’s desires to be whatever they are pushing the child into?

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