Dinner, Movie and Intolerance

This Saturday afternoon, I thought I would have relaxing night, as I had just come home for the beginning of Thanksgiving break. I met up with a friend and we decided to take a small road trip to celebrate with dinner and a movie, but what we intended to be a lighthearted evening was soon ruined by a $2.00 children’s film. It’s hard to find a theatre that doesn’t charge $8.00 for a movie in this day and age, so when we heard of this nearby theatre we knew that we would be entering a different world when we got into town. “The Twilight Zone” is the only way we could describe our experiences in this small town, as we sat down and awaited our movie to start. “Planet 51”, a movie targeted towards children seemed harmless enough, but as we watched this movie, who’s moral is about accepting others, no matter how different (seeing as it is about aliens), we found it making surprising amounts of homophobic jokes and the gender stereotypes going through the roof. To get an idea of the movie, here’s the trailer…

Chuck, the “alien” from earth, is the butt of many homophobic jokes as soon as he lands on this planet, and even before. In preparation for an alien invasion, one of the teenage aged children develops a preventative measure for himself and Lem, the other main character, which is a cork- so when the alien arrives it is unable to use its “probe” on them. As soon as Chuck has met Lem, they introduce one another, and as soon as Lem tells his name Chuck says, “Either your name is Lem…or that means that you want to mate with me.” Whether or not you find these jokes offensive, the pure unnecessary nature of them, along with more penis references then I care to mention, honestly made us uncomfortable to be in this theatre. I won’t even get into the gender stereotypes and chauvinistic nature of this film, but I want to know what everyone else thinks. Do you think we made a bigger deal than needed about this? As most kids probably don’t realize what kind of messages they’re also getting when they see these films, how do you think it affects the way they grow up and are acquainted with certain ideas before they have their own opinion? Or do you think it shapes them at all?

If you’re home over the Holidays and have younger family or siblings, do NOT miss out on an opportunity to see this– I want to hear all about your thoughts.

One Response to Dinner, Movie and Intolerance

  1. MacKenzie Clark says:

    I Just re-read this… “The butt of many homophobic jokes”

    No pun intended….. haha oops.

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