I’ll be Drinking Pepsi at my Super Bowl Party!

Oh, lets face it, I probably won’t have a Super Bowl party. Might have watched if the Vikings had made it though.

Nonetheless, I will be drinking Pepsi on February 7, and probably for some time after–and not just because UNI is a Pepsi campus.

Pepsi is doing something revolutionary for the brand–instead of sinking millions of dollars into Super Bowl advertisements, they will not but running a campaign during this year’s Super Bowl, but are instead working on a viral campaign using social networking. Why this is so awesome? Personally, I have a love for viral advertising, but, what is WAY MORE IMPORTANT, is that the campaign plans to give away $20,000,000 in grant money away to organizations which do good things for the community/world, in six different categories–health, arts and culture, food and shelter, the planet, neighborhoods and education. Further yet, they want the consumers of their product to be involved in selecting what projects receive grants–both allowing users to submit ideas/suggestions as well as vote one what projects they like best (hint: this is where the social networking part I talked about earlier comes in). It’s kind of like American Idol but awesome. They will be giving our 32 grants a month. In order to become involved, visit www.refresheverything.com.

As someone who has always felt kind of uncomfortable with the amount of money our culture sinks into entertainment (I mean, Avatar was a movie that was pretty to look at, but imagine what else could have happened with $300,000,000?), I was really excited to hear about this move from Pepsi. For years, Pepsi has been a leader in advertising campaigns and has become an incredibly successful brand. If this move is successful, I would be surprised if other companies don’t follow in their footsteps.

Which is why, for the next while of my soda-drinking career, I will be choosing Pepsi, in hopes that a campaign with a good cause can last. It sure is refreshing to see one.

What do you think? Am I too optimistic? Do you think something like this could be successful?

Source: Yahoo!

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