Cultural Object of the Week: Geeky Drinks

October 22, 2009

Hey all, this is going to be a quick one, because I have class soon… But as I was doing my morning blog reading (kind of like how some people read the newspaper, I suppose… most of the blogs I read are listed on the right), I came across a post by Topless Robot about new mugs that World of Warcraft is coming out with for its 11 million+ active players to buy. Anyway, it reminded me of a few other drinks for geeks I’ve seen over the past couple months, including these.

Blood Energy Potion: this one is trendy because it “nice” vampires are very cool right now. By “nice” I mean vampires that don’t eat people. With this energy drink you can pretend to BE one of those vampires, as it comes in an IV bag. So, if you like Twilight, Buffy, or Tru Blood, this may be for you. It tastes like fruit punch.

Oh, and if you don’t like that, you can buy Official Tru Blood, that’s right, because we live in a society where if you want to drink fake blood, you have options.

Dungeons and Dragons Jones Soda: I have to preface this with, I think thisĀ  is awesome. Marketed toward DnD players (and probably others who play RPGs, such as World of Warcraft), geeks can now buy drinks such as “sneak attack” or “healing potion.”

What do you think about these items as cultural objects? What do they say about our society’s interest in fantasy/horror/fiction? Do we market things like this toward mainstream culture, or do novelty drinks remain only in geek-marketing territory?